Competition Judges

I'm pleased to announce that the following judges will be returning for a second year of the competition:

Bronwen Thomas is a Professor at Bournemouth University, working on new media narratives and online participatory cultures. She has published books on narrative theory and practice, fictional dialogue and real life stories, and is the author of several articles on contemporary fanfiction. She has experience of teaching creative writing and supervising practice-led research, and is currently working on a digital storytelling project which will capture the experiences of readers negotiating the transition from print to screen. Originally from Llanelli in South Wales, Bronwen is a fluent Welsh speaker and retains a strong interest in contemporary Welsh culture.

Astrid Ensslin is a researcher in Digital Humanities at the University of Alberta, Canada, in particular digital culture and communication. Her current research revolves around electronic literature (esp. digital fiction) and literary computer games, and in the past she’s also looked into virtual worlds, language ideologies in the (new) media and specialised language corpora. She is a project partner for the ‘Reading Digital Fiction’ (AHRC) project, and Investigator on two other current projects: ‘Computer Gaming Across Cultures’ (British Council) and ‘Transformative thinking: Using digital fiction as a tool for improving body image’ (Welsh Crucible). Her publications include Literary Gaming (MIT Press, 2014), Analyzing Digital Fiction (Routledge, 2013, co-edited with Alice Bell and Hans Kristian Rustad), The Language of Gaming (Palgrave, 2011) and Canonizing Hypertext (Continuum, 2007). She is the Principal Editor of Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds and Board member and International Chapter Officer of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA). For more information, go to her literary gaming blog or follow her on Twitter @AstridEnsslin.

Dr. Eben J. Muse is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, Head of School of Creative Studies and Media, and editor of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. He studies the disruptive innovations in the publishing industry and book trade that have come about with the growing potential of digital technologies. He is interested in the ways these technologies are redefining one of our most fundamental tools for knowledge collection, development and sharing: the book. As the son of a book dealer, he has watched the dramatic alterations in the book retail world unfold with the growth of digital and network technologies and cultures. Eben works with book dealers and publishers, particularly in Wales and New England, to understand of how these technologies can be used, not just to stream-line existing practices but also to develop new ways of adding value to the fundamental book. He applies his work on complexity, spatiality, virtual worlds and temporal space to understand the ways that the space of the book and bookselling evolves.

Lyle Skains is a digital writer/researcher at Bangor University, Wales, examining Creative Writing and Digital Media. Her primary research interest is in how digital composition and digital devices affect the writer’s process and the narratives we experience through digital means. Her current research centers on the use of the hyperlink in e-books, as well as hybrid publishing in both academic and creative work through the developing Wonderbox project. Previous projects include the digital novel Færwhile, the hyperstories "The Futographer" and "The Pyxis Memo", as well as several published prose short stories. She worked with Astrid Ensslin on ‘Computer Gaming Across Cultures’ (British Council) and ‘Transformative thinking: Using digital fiction as a tool for improving body image’ (Welsh Crucible). She teaches workshops in Digital Writing and Digital Publishing, and in conducting Practice-based Research. Her recent publications include articles in Convergence, Qualitative Inquiry, and Participations. For more on Lyle and her work, visit her website and follow her on Twitter @lskains.

Credit: BAFTA/Charlie Clift
Olivia Wood is a writer, editor, and narrative designer at Failbetter Games. She specialises in branching narratives with plots and characterisation influenced by player choice. She was selected by BAFTA as a 2017 Breakthrough Brit. One of the jurors, Brenda Romero, described her work as 'inspirational'. She moved into the games industry from publishing, where she worked as a specialist sci-fi and fantasy line-editor. There she got to line-edit and proofread the manuscripts of industry veterans and upcoming authors. She has worked on books by many well-known authors, including Terry Pratchett, Richard Morgan and Sarah Pinborough. For more on Olivia and her work, have a look at her website and follow her on Twitter @babelfishwars.


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